The years a child spends at a Nursery and Kindergarten school (pre-school), are some of the few most impressionable years of his life. The right environment and support can help build a happy future for the child. We at Garden Nursery & Pre-Primary School know that parents are rightfully concerned about the type and manner of education provided and are interested in the total development of their children.

We too are concerned and have fashioned our syllabus and general training keeping total personality development in mind. The school syllabus is designed after researching into the syllabus of many Primary & High Schools in the vicinity and some in other parts of Mumbai.

Our Aim is to expose children to the kind of stimulating experiences which promote healthy mental growth, great freedom to be and overall personality development, besides providing adequate training in Reading & Writing Readiness. Also covered in a very child friendly manner are spoken English, Environment, (general knowledge & science), Motor development, Art & Craft, Drama, Music & Song, etc. All this ensures that he also fares well in any school he later joins.

There is constant research and improvement in the content and methods of teaching.

Young minds can absorb an amazing amount of information and concepts, especially when they are presented in a positive manner and in a free atmosphere, full of fun and devoid of any threats or embarassment. Learning and Growing should be fun.

We at Garden Nursery & Pre-Primary School therefore ensure that the children are made to feel loved and really special. Every opportunity to improve their self esteem and nourish their growth is availed of. "GREAT SELF ESTEEM OF THE CHILD" is our mission statement.

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